Plan, Design, Construct Exceptional Buildings

Central Florida Development (CFD) partners with our customers and local governments to construct exceptional buildings on schedule and within budget. Our Design/Build capabilities give you confidence to know what you expect is what we will construct.


Avoid Expensive Change Orders
We always recommend Design/Build over Hard Bid jobs. Because a designer’s drawings could fail to predict field conditions, Hard Bid can lead to costly change orders. However, doing Design/Build with CFD allows design to accurately line up with construction. Our designers know the procedures followed by our builders. They are able to tailor designs to suit our builders’ capabilities. This unity results in refined project schedules and costs. It also provides you with a clear understanding of what you’re purchasing long before the start of construction.

Sustainable Development

Construct Energy Efficient Buildings
For every project, CFD strives to construct energy-efficient buildings for a greener Florida. As a U.S. Green Building Council member, we’ve gained valuable experience with national green building initiatives. We always work to benefit the future health and economic standing of Florida. For every project, we use environmentally-friendly materials and follow economical construction procedures. This allows us to construct buildings as complete systems, which decreases long-term maintenance costs and pollution.

Construction Management

Choosing CFD for construction management enables us to begin construction before anyone signs a contract. As a result, every party involved is able to view project costs while the facility is being built. This approach helps to settle unknowns brought on by big projects. Unexpected issues can be resolved without much complication when the contract isn’t already set in stone. Construction management is the way to go for projects involving multiple participants and projects ranging from $10 million and up.

General Contractor

When you have a business to run, dealing with multiple contractors can be stressful during the construction of your project. Hiring CFD as your project’s general contractor relieves you of that burden. When we have complete control, we’re able to prevent confusion and conflicts that arise between contractors who pull you in many different directions. As general contractor, we select subcontractors who reflect our commitment to high quality construction. This unity allows us to construct your building on time and within budget.

Construction Safety

As a General Contractor, we take a very serious approach to safety on our worksites. We know the heavy responsibility associated with performing highly technical and dangerous work. That’s why CFD provides safety training, creates site-specific safety plans, and performs regular inspections to ensure the safety of our construction workers, site visitors, and property surroundings. We also continue to polish our safety process as industries and technologies change. Our aim is to eliminate any possibility of injury.

Construction Management Responsibilities

  • Obtain occupancy permits
  • Handle bidding & negotiations
  • Approve contractor submissions
  • Establish project procedures
  • Inspect progress daily
  • Closeout subcontracts upon completion

Responsibilities of General Contractor

  • Review plans with all participants
  • Arrange for permits & inspections
  • Manage daily tasks on-site
  • Inspect progress & resolve problems
  • Walkthrough completed project with owner

Safety Practices

  • Regular training programs
  • Site-specific safety plans
  • Worksite inspections